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Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is an enterprise primarily believing in the prevailing scientific emphasis on Health and Wellness and embodies the vision and concept of “Prevention over Cure” and help manage a disease.
Our domain of research focuses on robust scientific foundations of maintaining sound health by well established natural mechanisms that we are bestowed with. Driven by innovation and creativity, we strive towards developing newer, revolutionizing products that help prevent and combat diseases. Substantiating our stride for excellence in the healthcare domain, we have our arms spanning around three pillars, which are Probiotic Pharmaceutical products, Triphase ingredients and Animal nutrition. Our approach towards research is holistic and pragmatic. We believe that only strong science can eliminate diseases. Hence, our research is always paralleled by conceptual proofreading which conveys the basis of our solution to the masses........More
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FKCCI Innovation Excellence Awards for MSMEs
India's Small Giants Award
Triphase Group of Companies
SynbioPro Nutraceutix.Inc
Triphase & SynbioPro Nurtaceutix.Inc
oTriphase&SynBioPro signs NDA's with Island Abbey Foods(PEI)and with Reckitt & Benckiser to supply Probiotics.
Triphase launches LactoVag™,
o 2013: Triphase successfully launched LactoVag™,a probiotic blend of 7 strains of beneficial bacteria, aimed at curing Bacterial Vaginosis
Indian Leadership award
o 2013: Triphase has been awarded Indian Leadership award for Industrial Development, awarded to Mr. Aditya Desiraju, CMD